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You will often see someone wearing clothing or carrying a bag that we have embroidered, printed, relabelled or repaired. They could be playing top level sport for club or country, working for a FTSE 100 company, wearing school uniform or playing for the school team, fixing your gas boiler, or on stage in front of 50,000 fans at Glastonbury...
and none of them need to know who we are, or what we do!

At Rowheath we provide embroidery, screen print, transfer print, vinyl print, repair and re-labelling services all under one roof. That means we can properly advise on the best way to decorate your garments and accessories, and we can manage both simple and complex projects with a fast turnaround.

We work with established companies in fashion, retail, sport and the promotions industry, as well as with start-up companies helping them take their first steps in the business world.

Specialist garment customisation and personalisation services for volume orders

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For the right designs on the right fabrics, embroidery provides a long-lasting professional look that has stood the test of time.

Our team turns your artwork into the file that drives our multi-head machines, and the price you pay depends on the number of stitches (not colours) and how many items we embroider.

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Under one roof we provide screen print, transfer print and vinyl print services. We can therefore advise the best solution for your project, based on the design, the colours, the size of print, the number of prints and the fabrics we are printing onto.

We assess the finished result you want to achieve and choose the appropriate print method.

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Over the years we have re-labelled literally millions of items of clothing and accessories. We work for established brands to change labels or add branding to manufactured items that have come in from abroad. We also work for start-ups and small businesses to brand white-label products to look as if your labels had been inserted before leaving the factory.

If you want leather or rubber/pvc badges applied to uniforms or workwear for example, we do that too.



We can also package your products for sale online and in pop-up shops: add swing tags or kimball tags, insert size tabs, fold and bag, add size stickers, barcode labels. We then store your surplus labels safely to be called off whenever you have more work for us.

And of course we can relabel garments and accessories that we also embroider and/or print. We don’t manufacture the labels but can connect you with trusted label makers.

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Sewing and repairs

Often clients call us having opened up a shipment from the factory overseas ... and found a fault: a zipper that doesn’t hold, a split seam too high or too low, a strap not properly attached.

Our fully trained tailors can fix most problems, and for a lot less than the cost and time it takes to send the shipment back to the factory!

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Our highly experienced team provide top quality results at very competitive prices

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We work discreetly for trade customers including:

Supplying the trade in London and the UK

Our customers include:

If you like things simple and want a full end-to-end service, we can also source the blank garments and accessories for you.

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A family story

Rowheath was established as a family business in 1985 in Hackney, East London before being moved 20 years later to north west London. By 2010 Tacklebag (another family-run business owned by directors Paul and Sarah McFarland and Paul Lawford) was already one of Rowheath’s biggest customers – and we loved the service so much, we bought the business. We created a new company, London Stitch and Print Ltd, and moved all our operations to more modern premises in Twickenham, south west London, in 2013.

Despite the changes Rowheath has never lost its core principles; most of our team have worked for 20 years or more in the industry so we have unrivalled experience, and yet we all still take great pride in and care over every new project that comes our way, whether it involves 20 items or 1,000.

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