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Our Services

All the services listed below are carried out in-house by trained staff. In this way we are able to apply our systematic approach to controlling and recording the quality of our work.

Click on one of the links below for detailed information on the services we offer.

Embroidery High quality multi-head embroidery & appliqué....
Printing Screen print & heat applied transfers for a permanent......
Contract Packing Multi component collation & distribution....
Folding & Bagging High speed folding & bagging....
Re-labelling Branding promotional & retail merchandise....
Badge Application Application of badges and patches to....
Compressed T-shirts Transform the standard T-shirt into the shape....
QC Inspection When the worst happens....
Shrink Wrapping Shrink wrapping of non-textile....
Fulfilment & Handling Internet order fulfilment & despatch....
Storage Palletised storage in a secure clean....

Rowheath - Embroider, Appliqué, Screen Print, Transfer Print & Application, Relabel, Brand, Pack. Call David 020 8358 4488

If you have a question or comment about this website, our services or products send an email to: sales@rowheath.com

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