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Re-labelling is probably what we're best known for. Over the years we have re-labelled literally millions of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, dresses, jackets, polo shirts..

Serving the promotions and retail markets, we offer expert label changing at unrivalled speeds. All work is carried out in-house. This enables us to constantly monitor our work and produce consistently high quality work. Your t-shirts, sweats and other garments can be relabelled quickly, efficiently and at trade prices.

Much of the work we do is licensed product, therefore our customers rely on our integrity. The value of the work we do is worth much more than the cost of the label or the garment. It's the value of your brand, which may have taken years, sometimes decades to build and can be destroyed if your labels are allowed to be used by un-authorised parties or if the workmanship is poor. We have a team of skilled machinists, using modern, well maintained equipment.

With Rowheath your brand is safe.

Normally our clients have their labels sent directly to us, and we store them here, so they are available as soon as you have garments to be re-branded.

For a quote or to request more information about this service please email us.

We don't manufacture the labels but Click here for label info & manufacturers