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December 2009 we uploaded our new logo which now includes the print services (screen print & transfer/vinyl) we provide.

January 2006 we moved into a purpose built operating centre in Colindale north west London. Our new contact details are here.

May 2005 Rowheath entered some embroidery we had recently completed into the annual EUROSTITCH competition. See competition page for more info.

Gerald & David15th June 2004. It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Gerald Wilton. Gerald was a founding director of Rowheath, our Chairman and father to David and Jono, the two brothers now running the company. Gerald had been ill for just a short while but suffered from a very aggressive form of cancer. He will be sadly missed by the all our staff and many of our customers and suppliers, with whom he had a long and friendly relationship. (pictured with David)

Rowheath is a member of PROMOTA, the trade association for promotional merchandise. We are required to work to their Code of Conduct - which we do. It should give customers and potential customers the reassurance that they are working with a 'qualified' company that take their customers' business seriously.

Cancer Research website We have again chosen Cancer Research UK as one of the charities we are supporting in 2010.


We also support Crisis (Open Christmas).

Click here to find out about our contributions.

Do you know something we could share with the rest of the industry?

Email us with your gossip, and if you've got pictures to prove it so much the better.


Rowheath - Embroider, Appliqué, Screen Print, Transfer Print & Application, Relabel, Brand, Pack. Call David 020 8358 4488

If you have a question or comment about this website, our services or products send an email to: sales@rowheath.com

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