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Label Info

Rowheath sew-in labels to t-shirts, sweatshirts hoodies etc. but we don't manufacture labels. We offer the following information to help you select the best type of label for your merchandise.

Once you have ordered your labels, please contact us for a quote to sew them in.

These are the most common clothing label formats:


When ordering new labels you will need to consider the following:

Type of label: Woven or printed (printed is usually cheaper)

Format: Cut Single / Loop Fold / Manhattan Fold / Each End Fold / 4 Sides Sealed

Label Dimensions: A typical label width is 42mm. Length 50mm (x2 for Loop Fold label)

Ribbon Colour: Standard ribbon colours are cheaper and quicker

Number of Print Colours: Calculate number of colours including text and logos

Origination: A one-off charge depending on the artwork you supply

Size Change: Charged at a fixed rate per size change (e.g. S, M, L, XL, XXL)

Care Information: Washing instructions, symbols and other information

Cloth Content: Check existing labels (example 100% cotton for T-shirts)

Minimum Order Quantity: Contact the manufacturers listed below for their minimum quantity

Listed below are 3 label manufacturers we recommend.

 Company  Telephone  Fax  Website
 British Tags (Wrightsons)  01483 569 237  01483 576 545  www.britishtags.co.uk
 Elite Labels  0116 251 2634  0116 262 4230  www.elitelabelsltd.co.uk
 GB Labels  01646 600 664  01646 600 664  www.gblabels.co.uk