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Embroidery Company Profile Competition

29th June 2005

Hello David,

During the Fespa Show the judgment has been arranged of all the entries that have been sent in for our 2005 embroidery contest. We regret to inform you that your entry did not win a prize in the contest. For the category where you sent in your entry for, we received many entries this year so it was impossible to give everybody a prize.

We thank you anyway for your participation and hope that you will participate again in 2006.

You will read the report on our contest in the August issue and you will find more information about the 2006 contest in our October 2005 issue.

Kind regards,

Marion Zuurveen

Eurostitch Magazine
Tel: +31-36-5314505
Fax: +31-36-5349003
E-mail: info@eurostitch.com
Internet: www.eurostitch.com


Cricket Competition

Our latest competition was a chance to win one of three pairs of tickets to an Npower twenty20 cricket match. It was free to enter and our winners saw Middlesex play Sussex Sharks at Richmond.

The winners were: Richard at Good at Magic, Max at Thin Air and Arthur at Halkin.

We will be holding another competition sometime in the future - so be sure to return to this page.


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