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Cancer Research websiteCancer Research and Crisis are the two charities we support each year. We raise funds throughout the year using tin collections. Every December we donate merchandise to Crisis that is given to homeless people over the Christmas & New Year holidays.

Crisis website   Crisis Open Christmas 2004

Mr David Wilton

Rowheath Ltd

21 Warburton Road, Hackney, London, E8 3RT

22 February 2005

I just wanted to say thank you for your very generous support to our Open Christmas event; the biggest in our 33 year history.  As you can imagine, the demands on resources have never been greater and thanks to the fantastic efforts by donors like yourselves, we managed to run the event with outstanding success.

The significance of the Millennium Dome as a venue for Open Christmas was not lost on us.  Christmas at the Dome became a symbol of our need to inspire homeless people to rebuild their lives.  Our motto of “Be Inspired” led to the Open Christmas taking on a new life.  We had over 1,500 Guests during Christmas week, with many taking the opportunities offered to secure a brighter future.  We recruited over 4,000 volunteers to help us do this – our highest ever number.

The Open Christmas is the only place where homeless people can get so much assistance under one roof, from seeing a doctor or dentist to getting housing advice or learning new skills in a workshop.  For example, Mark joined us after a period sleeping on friend’s floors and, just before Christmas, he ended up sleeping on the streets.  During the week he was with us in the Dome, Mark had a haircut, received treatment from the dentist, obtained new glasses from the opticians and was found a place to live in a temporary shelter.  He also found the time to help produce the Open Christmas Guest Newsletter.  Since the Open, Mark is regularly visiting Crisis Skylight, our year round activity centre, where he is exploring the possibility of joining an IT course leading to a professional qualification.  Mark is also reapplying for his driving licence, to allow him to go back to work as a bus driver.

Thanks to the Open Christmas, Mark and many others were able to receive the support and respect they needed to improve their self-esteem and make a start on the journey back into society.  This was entirely down to the generosity of donors like yourselves; without all of you, we would not be able to run the Open Christmas!  So thank you once again for your generous contribution to the event.

In 2005 our work will go on.  Crisis will continue to work with all of our partners to help single homeless people rebuild their lives. Your continued support is invaluable and I hope that we may remain in your thoughts in the months and years to come.

Best wishes

Bob Evans

Project Manager (Resources) Crisis Open Christmas

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